Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nevada Superheroes Turn 1!!!

So a year comes and goes very fast and that is the case for Superheroes as well.  On December 6th, 2012 the Nevada Superheroes of Kindness celebrated their first birthday! The past year has been great with all the missions that we have been on, and the smiles that we have brought to so many people.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think that the Superheroes would be what they are today in just one short year.
When we went on the first mission to thank Erica for the fabric for our capes never did I think that would lead to us being asked to honor our Veteran’s at the parade this year.  Many of our missions have been small in scale but their impact has stretched far beyond.  Every now and then I am reminded of this when someone asks about the Superheroes and they do not even live in Nevada. I am so glad and so proud of the Superheroes for all they do and all the smiles that they bring.
People often come up to me and thank me for the Superheroes but I cannot take any of the credit on this one.  I may have started the group but the Superheroes do all the hard work.  I mean think about it, how awkward would it be if it was just me walking around in a cape handing out hearts to people.  Not only are the Superheroes very adorable and easy to love they actually get the idea of spreading kindness.  I have told many people this, especially after they ask them questions about why they wear the cape and they are amazed by the answer they receive.  We do not rehearse answers or tell them what to say. Before they get their capes we read them “Have you filled a Bucket Today” and explain how that applies to being a Superhero and then before each mission we explain why we are going out and ask them why this is a special mission that is all we do.   They get it and I would like to think it makes them feel good to do these good things for other people.  I know it makes me feel very good to see and hear them with the people we visit and see the smiles they bring.
I am so very happy to celebrate this birthday after all the hard work that went into getting the program started.  I will cherish all the Superheroes that have the great privilege to wear the cape and spread happiness but that first class will hold a very special place in my heart.  I was so very happy that many of them even got to join in on the birthday party.  They still spread the kindness even though they don’t go on the missions and wear the capes all that often.  I even appreciate that they all remember me and some even go out of their way to give me a hug and tell me hello whenever and where ever they see me, trust me that never gets old.  I am honored by the fact that I have made such an impact on them that they remember, and I hope they never forget the year they first became a Superhero because I know I never will.

I know this blog is not the light hearted and witty post that you have come accustomed to with the Superheroes but I really felt the need to tell you how the Superheroes have affected me and my life.  I also want to send a great big thank you to St. Mary’s School , they took a true leap of faith in letting me start my program in their school.  Thank you to Nancy, Ruth, and especially Megan for working with me and letting me disrupt the school day once or twice a month to take the Superheroes on their missions.  I look forward to many more years of classes and hope to one day have a school full of caped up Superheroes.

I also want to thank all of the media outlets that have also supported the Superheroes along the way as well.  One of our biggest supporters is the Nevada Daily Mail, they are always there to cover anything we do, and if they can’t make it all I have to do is send them something and they are more than happy to add it to the paper.  Also the Catholic Key has been a great supporter as well.  They have had the Superheroes in their publication a couple of times as well.  Last but not least is KSN and KODE for their support and coming to Nevada a couple times to interview the Superheroes.  Big thanks to Katie Love and Brad Douglas for coming to town and putting our small capes on the big screen.  All of these people help to spread the word of kindness that we are all about.
I have rambled long enough but there is one more person I need to thank and that is you!   

That’s right I want to thank you for reading this blog and spreading the word about the Superheroes.  This blog has been visited almost 2500 times in the past year and has been viewed by people in 29 different countries, and it is all of you that help to spread the word about the Superheroes and all that they do.  Without all of you the Superheroes would not get to make people outside of Nevada smile and heck, we don’t want to keep all the smiles to ourselves especially when they look as good as ours do.  I wish I could give you all a cape and make you a Superhero, but like I have said time and time again you do not need a cape to be Superhero, but seriously how cool are those capes!!


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