Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Superhero Food Drive Part II

The day had finally come the Superheroes were about to find out if all their hard work had paid off and pick up their donations for the food drive. (Spoiler alert it did)!! Before I get to that there is a lot more to say about this latest mission. We got to invite a very special guest with us on this mission, Ms. Denise.  Ms. Denise came all the way from Garnett, Kansas to join us on our mission.  Denise has been a long time follower of the Superheroes and just fell in love with everything that we have done and wanted to help.  Help she did in more ways than one, we hold her in a very special place in our hearts.  Too show our appreciation we gave Ms. Denise her very own cape, an honor that has never been done before.  Many have gotten to wear the beloved cape but no one other than a Superhero has been able to claim one as their own.  To make this moment even more special each of the Superheroes signed the cape and decorated it with hearts and stars and if I do say so myself it looked awesome.  After looking the cape over with the Superheroes they even helped her to put it on and get ready for the upcoming mission.

This mission was one that was going to take a team effort we had lofty goals and high hopes so we enlisted the help of a few of the older kids at St. Mary’s to pull the wagons full of food for us.  Or in some cases they actually pulled us in the wagons, but if it wasn’t for their help things would not have gone as smooth, that is for sure.   So the time had come we loaded up in our wagons and set off to gather our food.
The mission got off to a bit of a slow start as the first few businesses did not have anything to share with us, but that did not get our spirits down.  We thanked them for their efforts and wished them a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Our luck was soon to change though.  We got down the street a bit and the donations started to flow in. At one stop there was even enough for each Superhero to carry their own bag of goods to the wagons.  The Superheroes were very eager at each stop to help and make sure everyone smiled.  At the end of the day though we did not fill all the wagons we had food in each and every one.  In fact during our walk around the square we even collected some monetary donations from those that were so moved by our spirit and caring attitudes.  That is what the Superheroes of Kindness are all about, touching all the lives that we come into contact with.
Now that we had been around the square and all the food had been collected it was time for our final stop Community Outreach to drop off our food.  A big thank you goes out to Barbra Long at the Community Outreach for staying past their normal closing time on Monday so we could turn in our food.  As we rolled up the excitement grew the kids knew we were done and we were about to make a lot of people happy.  As Barbra came out and saw the Superheroes in our capes she was taken back a bit as this was the first time she had seen us.  I had explained to her who we were and what we did but I knew she couldn’t picture it that is until she opened the door.  We greeted her and did something else we love some much, and posed for some pictures.  Barbra then led us to the back where we unloaded all the food we had collected.  We filled both tables in the back room and that made us very happy.

Our work was done for the day now to make it back to the school.  Well again a big thank you goes out to the older kids as the Superheroes loaded up in the wagons and got a ride back to the school.  Doing good things is very tiring for even the best of Superheroes and the ride was greatly appreciated.  As we got back to the school we had to take a few more pictures with Ms. Denise and then the mission was over.  I got my end of the mission high five from all of them wished them a very Happy Thanksgiving and told them all, the thing they did today was great and even though we didn’t see the people we helped know that we helped them.

As I look back on this mission I have to think of the good that we have done for the community of Nevada.  Though it wasn’t a lot of food every little bit counts and that is what matters the most.  If anything else hopefully we have raised some awareness and have inspired others to donate.  Whether that donation is food, money, clothes, or even some time to help I hope people will now think about donating.  As I have said a thousand times we are all Superheroes deep down inside and we can all make a difference if we try.  Big or small, rich or poor all you need is to be rich in spirit and have a big heart and you can be a Superhero of Kindness.  As Ms. Denise knows you do not need a cape to be a Superhero but if by chance you happen to get one they are the coolest thing ever!!

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