Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Big Night for the little Superheroes!!

March 2, 2013 was a big day for some little Superheroes. The Superheroes of Kindness were awarded the 2012 Community Involvement Pace Setter Award also known as the Wayne Neal award by the Nevada/Vernon County Chamber of Commerce. This award is given to those who show a commitment to better their community through getting other people involved. Award nominees and winners are determined by members of the chamber.
The Superheroes are not ones that go out and seek the attention we just enjoy spreading kindness to everyone we meet. It is such an honor just to be nominated for this award let alone win it. The four other nominees do great things for the Nevada Community as well and deserve the award just as much as we do.
I could not be happier for the Superheroes and what they have achieved so far in their short time of spreading kindness. We have only been a part of the community for a little over a year and to be recognized says a lot for the impact that they have. It was a tough road to get the Superheroes started, if you have read the other blog posts you know what I am talking about. Not to rehash the entire story but I really need to thank St. Marys School and Nancy Coffer and Megan Murphy for giving this idea a chance. If not for them believing in the idea of the Superheroes then we would never be in the place that we are now. There are so many other people to thank that I hate to list them as I might forget someone but there are a few that need to be named.
First is Dana Redburn Parks Director for the City of Nevada and my boss. She let me run with this idea of the Superheroes and has been a huge supporter since the start. She is always open to the ideas I have for the Superheroes and encourages me to think outside the box. Also the support of all my family and friends, I am sure they get tired of me telling stories of the Superheroes and the stuff we have done and the things we have coming up in the future. The bad thing is that they are stuck with them now because the Superheroes have so much more in store.  A big thank you goes to Denise Scheibmeir and her dedication and support of the Superheroes, she has done so much behind the scenes and has even helped us out on a mission this past year.
Last and certainly not least is Kristal Burns. She is the originator of the Superheroes and the person that trusted me enough to start my own group here in Nevada. It seems like yesterday I sent a simple message to a Facebook page dedicated to Superheroes of Kindness hoping for a response. When that response came I never in my dreams thought that it would get to this point so quickly. I have to thank her for trusting me to uphold her ideas of being a Superhero and for steering me in the right direction. She is truly the person that deserves to be honored for her idea and letting me borrow it.
As I see it the bar has been raised and now we have go above and beyond what we have done before. We have to go more places and spread more kindness. We are here to inspire others to do good things and it looks like it is working. 

Thank-you again everyone and thank you 

Nevada for supporting the Superheroes!!

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