Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Superheroes Television Debut

Today the Superheroes strapped on their capes and got ready for their close up!  That's right the Superheroes are making their television debut tonight.  Katie Love(pictured to the left) from KSN/KODE came to meet the Superheroes today.  The Superheroes were working on a project for their next mission as Katie filmed the group.  She even interviewed a couple of the Superheroes on what they were doing and how they liked their capes.
After speaking with the kids I got a chance to sit down with Katie and expalin the Superheroes and what we do.  I also talked a little bit about how the group was started and some of the things we have coming up in the future.  It should be a great piece and fun to watch!!  I hope Katie had as much fun filming as the Superheroes did being on camera!!  The Superheroes want to thank Katie and KSN/KODE for taking time to come see us, and we hope she comes back again real soon!!
The piece will air at 6pm on both KSN and KODE and again at 10pm on KSN.  So you might want to find these stations on you tv and set the DVR this is one program you don't want to miss.  But just in case you do happen to miss it, it will posted on their website.  Once it is on the website I will post a link here on our blog for all of you to access.

Superheroes Television Debut

Thanks again Katie!!

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  1. There really is hope for the future of our kids. Love it! Simply love it! We need to have one in every town.