Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Singing For Seniors

The Superheroes embarked on their final mission of the year.  With all the publicity we have been getting to keep our identities secret we had to hide our capes under our coats.  Or it might have been because it was raining and we didn’t want to get our capes wet.  Either way we tied our capes on and headed out to spread some kindness.  The mission of the day was to sing a few Christmas songs at the Neal Senior Center.  Once we were ready we made the short trek from our headquarters at St. Mary’s School to the Senior Center.  Dodging puddles and cracks so as not to “break momma’s back,” we made it to the center ready to spread smiles.  Once inside, like Super Man in a phone booth, we shed our coats revealing our capes and started spreading smiles.
We said a kind hello to the person working the front desk and made our way into the dining room to the stage where we were going to perform.  Along the way we said hello and shared smiles with everyone we passed.  With a short introduction and some lining up we were ready to sing.  With voices in prime form the Superheroes sang 3 different Christmas carols for all those to hear.  After each song the audience applauded making us smile and sing with even more spirit.  Not only did the Superheroes spread kindness but received some in return and they appreciated it.
After our third song our time at the Senior Center was nearly complete.  On our way out we took some time to walk around the tables with the people and wish them a Merry Christmas.  The people at the senior center were fantastic and even rewarded and thanked the Superheroes with a mini cupcake for each of them.  On our way back to headquarters we dodged the same puddles and cracks but this time filled with kindness in our hearts and smiles on our faces. 

This may have been the Superheroes last mission of the year but we are far from done spreading kindness to the people of Nevada.  So after the first of the year keep your eyes out for the kids in capes because with the new year comes mission and many ,many, more smiles.
 "Now this could make your Christmas." Ruby Emery Neal Center Volunteer

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