Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day Card

Valentine's Day is very special for many people and it is really special for the Superheroes, it is a day where almost everyone is in a extra caring mood.  This is the day that the Superhero in all of us has a chance to shine.  The Superheroes did not have a mission in the public that day they simply celebrated in their secret hideout (St. Mary's School shhhh) in their own special way.  That is not what I am here to blog about though it is something that was given to the Superheroes that I want to speak of.

As I was sitting at my desk a familiar face approached I greeted her with a friendly smile and hello.  She said this is for you and handed me a card addressed to myself and the Superheroes.  First I was taken aback that someone would think of the Superheroes on Valentine's Day, we are used to giving out our own smiles and cards not getting them.  As I opened the card and read what she had wrote I was truly moved by what she had to say and the way that the Superheroes have changed the way she looks at things.  I will not go into great detail into what all she said because I want to keep that just for the Superheroes to enjoy but I will share some of the parts that I think will make you think about things and hope fully have an impact on you.

"You are all doing a fine job of spreading kindness you are getting the attention of people...  I am trying to follow your example more - I wave at people more when I see them on the street ...  you reminded me that the the little things are important."

Hopefully all that read this blog too are spreading more kindness than they used too.  Also you would be amazed at how much a simple wave and smile can change the way a person feels.  And of course we all know that it is the little things that you do that are important and you do not have to make big gestures to change the world a lot of little ones add up quick.  Trust me those 18 little Superheroes and their little gestures have made an impact on me and the people of Nevada in a way I never imagined and they have so much more in store.

So remember no matter how big nor how small a person is we can all spread kindness!!

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