Friday, February 10, 2012

Superheroes meet the Mayor!!

So the Superheroes had a very busy day last Tuesday.  We were busy getting ready to take spreading kindness to a whole new level.  The Superheroes had a very important meeting with the City Council and the Mayor, at the City Council meeting the Mayor was going to make a proclamation proclaiming the week of February the 13th through February 17th, 2012 as Random Acts of Kindness week.  We had lots of things to get done before this though.

To prepare for this the Superheroes felt the need to give back to the Mayor and City Council for all they have done for the City of Nevada and the people that live here so, an early Valentine’s  Day gift was in order.  Since the Superheroes never do anything on a small scale we made some really big hearts for the Council.  With a big red heart and a shiny silver one on the inside we thought this would definitely say thanks for all you do.  Looking at it though it was just not enough we had to add our own special touch so we decided to personalize it by signing all of our names to it.  We got out our best permanent markers, ones we do not get to use very often because well they are not washable, and signed our names to all 5 hearts.  This was good practice for us writing our names and it looked good.  One of our leaders also thought it would be nice for the mayor and each one of the council members to receive one of our special framed thank-you notes for those people that really help us to fly.  You would think all of this would wear us out, but you would be wrong we had more to do.

We had some preparations for Random Acts of Kindness week to get done.  We went straight to work on decorating our signature hearts to hand out to some very lucky people next week.  We busted out the crayons and washable markers and got straight to work.  We each decorated one because that is all time would allow, do not forget not only are we Superheroes but we are hard working and studious pre-schoolers at St. Mary’s too. Not to worry though we will have plenty of hearts decorated for all of those we meet next week.  As we put our stuff away we were all ready for the City Council meeting and our time to shine.
Finally the time had come it was time for us to go before the council, meet the mayor and all the council members.  We were all looking good with our hair done up right and our capes were looking extra special.  To say we were excited would be an understatement as we waited in the hall the buzz of our enthusiasm even filtered into the council chambers.  When it was finally show time we walked in and took our spot in front of the council and Mayor Leonard came around and read us our proclamation.   Of course he had to kneel down to get on our level, it is not our fault we are short but what we lack in height we make up in spirit.
Like I said before the proclamation was for Random Acts of Kindness Week and this is what the Superheroes are all about!  It proclaimed that no matter how young or how small no one is too little to make a difference in our community and our world.  This is something the Superheroes take to heart.  We may be small in stature but big in spirit and never tire of spreading kindness.  Through these acts we can cultivate caring, kindness, and compassion within our community.  Our hope is through this proclamation and from the lead of the Superheroes we can get all the citizens of Nevada on board and start doing nice things for others.

So as the proclamation states next week we all need to get out and do some nice things for our community and we are going to do just that.  We have a couple things in store for the people of Nevada so be on the lookout for us around town in our capes.  If you see us feel free to wave and share a smile with us because we live to make people happy.  So make sure you are thinking of something nice you can do for someone and show the Superhero deep in you.  Remember you do not need a cape to be a Superhero of Kindness just a big heart and a kind spirit. But seriously how cool are our capes!!!

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