Friday, April 5, 2013

Housing Authority meets the Superheroes

The Superheroes were at it again today!! Today we ventured to the Nevada Housing Authority to see Carol Branham and some of her residents. It was a very fun day for the Superheroes going door to door spreading kindness.

The day started off on a bit of a solemn note but I will get into that later, but it didn’t keep the Superheroes down. In fact they were
flying high today with a few of them even taking flight off a short step stool of course this wasn’t to Mrs. Murphy’s liking but it was fun to watch. After the flying display it was time to head off and spread our joy.
Once again the Superheroes were excited because we got to ride the bus again. A big Superhero thank you goes out Rick Kennedy from Reinhart Christian Church for bringing and driving the bus for us
today it was such a huge help!! We were on the bus and on our way.
Once we got there we were greeted by Carol and Amanda who were setting up for the Bingo game later on that day. We handed out a few hearts to those early arrivals then set out to go door to door. We stopped at several different apartments and even stopped a few people on the street to spread our kindness. Once again they went above and beyond and spread a little more joy to some dogs along the way. I do not know how many people we saw but I know we
made quite a few people smile today.
Before we left we had just enough time for a quick game of Bingo against a few of the residents and boy was it fun. Not only did we get to learn a few letters and numbers but we had a great time playing. On top of all of this one of our Superheroes even won the game, which earned the Superheroes all a prize. The Superheroes work here was done so we posed for a couple more pictures and boarded the bus and were headed back to school from another
successful mission.
I mentioned before that the day started off a solemn one and I will explain that. It is with a very heavy heart that I must say it was my last mission with the Nevada Superheroes. I am leaving Nevada to chase my dreams and spread kindness of my own. I am going to miss the blog the Superheroes and everyone involved with them. I have poured my heart and soul into this group and wish them nothing but success in the future. I know that they will be in
capable hands and will go on doing great things for this community. It is just hard to say goodbye. I promise you this where I am going there will be another Superhero group and one day we may join up and do a super mission.
Like I have said before and I will say one last time. You don’t have to wear a cape to be a Superhero you don’t even have to part of a group just go out and be your own Superhero of Kindness. But seriously I have to admit it is very cool to wear that cape!!

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