Thursday, April 5, 2012

Superheroes go Downtown!!

The Superheroes have been laying low the last few weeks and we decided it was time to don our capes again and make some people smile.  The goal of the mission to wish a Happy Easter to the downtown businesses and to thank them for all they do for Nevada.  So we put on our capes and hit the “mean” streets of Nevada to make them the “kind” streets of Nevada.
The weather looked a little gloomy and there was a chance for rain but it was not competition for the bright smiles of the Superheroes and capes that doubled as umbrellas.  It takes more than a little rain to drench the spirit of a Superhero.  This was the first mission that we split the Superheroes up into two smaller groups so we could impact more people in a shorter amount of time, no pun intended, this would call for some extra help.  On this mission we added a parent of one of our Superheroes to the group and also another employee from the community center both going on their first mission and both doing an excellent job I might add!!

We parted ways and started spreading kindness.  On this mission instead of handing out our usual colorful hearts we decorated some eggs to give away.  We stopped into many different types of stores on our mission.  We stopped at barber shops, nail salons, furniture stores, insurance companies, banks, clothing stores, restaurants, and many more.  The Superheroes had a lot of fun asking what the store was and what they did along with answering questions as to who they were and what their mission was.  Going to some of the places seemed to have a few extra perks for the Superheroes.  For example at the furniture store they got to test out a few of the recliners that they had on display.  In the clothing stores they got to look at some beautiful dresses and jewelry.  In the bank I am sure they would have loved to come out with some extra money but they fell short on that but got some candy instead.  It seemed that every store we visited was so grateful for their eggs they gave the kids some candy in exchange.   So needless to say the Superheroes while filling buckets had theirs filled as well.
After we had visited all of the shops around the square we grouped back up and decided to head to the courthouse.  We popped into several of the offices in the courthouse and spread a little more of our Easter cheer.  It was also extra special for one Superhero because his mom works at the courthouse and he got to give her his egg personally.  This was our last stop and I must admit that much walking and kindness sharing wears even the strongest Superhero out.  We stopped for a seat on the steps for a Superhero team picture and then hit the water cooler to rehydrate and to take a seat before the walk back out home base.
Even though we had run out of eggs and it was time to go back a few were still a bit sad that they could not spread anymore smiles to people.  I had to remind the Superheroes that just because we were not stopping anymore place we could still tell those we bumped into on the sidewalk Happy Easter so that brought the spirit back and off we went.  Though we were in a bit of a hurry to get back we always make time to stop and smell or pick the flowers.  Flowers make everyone happy especially a young Superhero, so why wouldn’t we pick some.   
We made in back to our base removed our capes and decided it was another successful mission.  Everyone had fun, we gave out all of our eggs, we got a lot of candy, and most importantly we spread kindness to everyone we talked to.  Even the two new Superheroes we got to volunteer to help had a great time and were eager to go on another mission.
So as I have said before and will always say:  I hope you learn from the Superheroes that no matter how big or small that you can spread kindness.  You do not need to give away colored eggs or hearts to make someone smile just a kind word and or gesture will do the trick.  Also remember just because you do not have a cape you can still be a Superhero of Kindness but seriously how cool are those capes!!!