Friday, January 27, 2012

Superheroes Start a New Year of Kindness

After taking a short break over the holidays the Superheroes are back and in a very kind state of mind.  For our latest mission we decided to keep things close to home and do something for St. Mary’s School.  The Superheroes were busy creating special cards for the school for Catholic School’s Week, which runs from January 30th thru February 3rd.  They put their artistic abilities to the test and colored some very bright and downright beautiful cards.  These cards will be displayed in the school and in the church for everyone to enjoy and hopefully bring smiles to everyone who gets the chance to see them.   
Also during the mission the Superheroes had a very special guest, Marty Denzer.  Mrs. Denzer is a writer for the Catholic Key which is a weekly publication put out by the Diocese of Kansas City and St. Joseph.  On that day Mrs. Denzer was there to speak with the Superheroes and get some information on what we do and why we do it.  We discussed some of our past missions and things we have in store for the future.  She got the chance to sit down and talk to a few of the Superheroes as well as Mrs. Murphy and Mr. Phil.  From the look on her face I think she had a great time and was truly touched by the Superheroes and that is what we were after.  She also got an opportunity to get the group together and take a couple of pictures of the entire group, which is no small feat in itself.  I won’t tell you everything but if you want to read the article it will be online at the Catholic Key Website on February 3rd.  All you have to do is click here to read the article.

The Superheroes want to extend a great big thank you to Mrs. Denzer and the Catholic Key for taking time out of their busy day to come talk to us.  It is people like her that help us to spread the word about kindness and how no matter how big or small you are everyone can do it.  So thanks again and we are looking forward to reading about the Superheroes and we hope you are too.