Thursday, October 4, 2012


With the new school years comes a new group of Superheroes and we are excited to start spreading kindness.  With a little direction and reading the book “Have you filled a bucket today?” we were ready to take on our ultimate goal of making people smile. 

We all donned our new capes and we were ready to set off on the first mission of the year.  This was a two part mission and we had a long walk and lots kindness to spread but we were up to the challenge.  The first stop was a familiar one, Nine Patch Quilt & Fabrics, to thank a very nice lady for donating the fabric for our capes.  About 2 months prior to our first mission we needed new capes for our new Superheroes and with one call our needs were answered.  A very kind lady stepped up and said that she had some extra fabric lying around and it might fit our needs and that it did!!  So we were headed to thank Sandra Horvath for her generous donation.  As we walked into the store you could see the smile on her face and we knew we were off to a great start.  As we always do we gave her a few of our trademark hearts and a special thank you for her to hang on her wall.  The Superheroes answered a few questions and asked many more but that is what we do, we learn as we go.  We posed for a few pictures and thanked Sandra again and we were off on the second leg of our mission.

The second leg had a great importance especially to me as the leader of the Superheroes.  We were on our way to the Vernon County Ambulance District to thank them for all of their hard work.  This is a trip that we tried to make last year but it never seemed to work out, but I do not think our timing could have been any better for this trip.  The people over at VCAD were in need of some caring and warm smiles and needed a bit of a pick me up.  Earlier in the week they had suffered a great loss when one of their EMT’s lost his life in a vehicle accident.  The Superheroes to my knowledge did not know of this loss but I think they gave them a little bit extra in their heart to each of the workers.  I do not think we have handed out more hearts in anyone spot.  I also saw a lot of good hugs and some high Fives and handshakes.  I know we couldn’t erase the pain that they were feeling but I hope for the short time we were we brought some much needed smiles and relief to them. I know that I was very impressed with the Superheroes.
 As we always do we got several pictures with as many people we could and of course we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to get a photo in front of one of their cool ambulances.  Though many of the Superheroes can’t even pronounce ambulance we still had a great time looking at them and learning about what they do.  It never ceases to amaze me at how these young kids grasp the concept of what these people do and how hard they work.  They know they are out there to help and are truly grateful for all they do for us and our families.  I honestly do not know who gets more out of these missions them or me. They truly know what kindness is and how to share it with everyone they meet.
I am really looking forward to this year and all the good things that the Superheroes are going to do.  It will be hard to top last year but I think if any group can do it, this is the group.  Though we are a smaller group than last year we are not lacking in the heart department.  Keep an eye out for the Superheroes we are out to do some big things this year.  We are already working on our next big mission; we plan on helping the entire community with this one so, brace yourself Nevada Missouri!! 
As I always say no matter how big or small you are you can make a difference with just a simple smile and a kind word, and even though you don’t have a cape you can be your own Superhero of Kindness.  But seriously how cool are those capes!!