Friday, February 17, 2012

Cityof Nevada Valentine's Day

So this week was Random Acts of Kindness Week and to the Superheroes that is a week to get busy spreading kindness and that is exactly what we did.  Though the week started off with a little snowy weather on Monday and some rain on Wednesday the warmth of the hearts of the Superheroes melted the snow and brought the sun out to stop the rain so we were able to go spread kindness.  Well it might not have been the Superheroes hearts that did all the weather changing but I would like to think we had a hand in it. 

The Superheroes thought since it was Valentine’s Day week we would hand out some Valentines to some people that do not always get the thanks and recognition they deserve, City Employees!!  They work hard every day to make sure that the City of Nevada is safe from fire and bad guys.  We did not just want to focus on the Police and Fire though, there are a lot of people at City Hall that work behind the scenes and make sure Nevada is running like a well oiled machine.  These are the billing clerks, code enforcement, finance, facilities maintenance, human resources, IT, the city manager and his assistant, all of these people work hard every day to make the city go.  So the Superheroes set out to put some smiles on these hard working men and women’s faces.  We put on our capes grabbed our hearts, that we had been working on all last week and set out on our walk to City Hall.

City Hall is a few blocks away from the secret lair so the walk took a bit, but the good thing was we got to spread some bonus happiness along the way.  For example on our way to City Hall we were walking down the street and a service person was walking down the sidewalk behind us, of course we aren't the fastest group so he caught up and started chatting with Superhero Braxton.  He asked about the Superheroes cape and in return was asked about his camouflage outfit.  He asked what we were doing, to which Superhero Braxton replied “I am on a mission to spread Kindness”.  This conversation went on for a half a block and as they departed ways he said to the Superhero “Keep up the good work” and the Superhero simply said” Thanks and you keep doing a good job too!”  This gentleman had a smile on his face that was priceless and I wish I could have gotten a picture but I think it would have ruined the moment between them.

We did not only encounter people on the street but we peeked into every business window and made sure to wave at all of those inside.  Also at every street crossing, which seemed like 100, we waved at the cars that let us fly across without having to worry about hurt.  After all of this we finally made it to City Hall.  We took off our jackets to reveal our capes and each got a Valentine to pass out.

As we entered City Hall we could hear the ooh and ahhs, something we have gotten used to wearing these cool capes, as they were all surprised to see us.  We had a special helper on the inside gather the group together so we could make sure no one was left out and also to make sure it was a total secret.  We first thanked all of them for all the hard work they do for the city and gave each one their very own, one of a kind, hand decorated, limited edition Valentine Day heart.  We also gave out quite a few hugs to those who wanted them and also answered a few questions about who we are and what we do.  As we left we gave a wave and made sure everyone still had a smile on their face.  We left City Hall but we were not done spreading the kindness, we still had a couple stops to make.

Our next stop was the Police Station, we know they are heroes in their own sense but we had to show them what kind of heroes we are.  Once again we gave everyone their own special heart making sure not to forget the office workers and the detectives back in their offices.  We also thought it necessary to give the Chief and extra bit of kindness for all that he does.  In return the officers gave us our own badge and a bag of goodies to take home.  So now armed with a badge and a cape you would think we would stop but no we had one more stop to make to the fire station we went.

Now who doesn’t like a fireman they have the cool trucks and lots of cool tools they get to use.  Both of which we got to see, they even let us sit in the fire truck!!  They talked to us about fire safety and answered a few of our toughest questions.  We then toured the station a bit and went out front to get a better look at the fire truck from the outside.  After we watched them turn on all the lights and stuff the firemen wanted to get their picture taken with us so we let them.  I mean we are Superheroes who wouldn’t want their picture with us.  I know they have all the cool stuff but I think they were still jealous of our capes.  We thanked them for the tour and showing us all their cool stuff and gave each of them a heart as well.  We even left a few extras for the guys that weren’t there we wanted them to know we appreciate all they do to even on their day off.  On our way out the firefighters also gave us a cool gift, our own fire hats!!

So equipped with a brand new badge, a bag full of goodies, a new fireman’s hat we decided to call it a day.  We had given out almost all of our hearts and made every city employee we met that day smile our mission was a total success.  When we got back to school we hung up our capes and knew that we had done a great days work.  We just hope that everyone we made smile today makes someone else smile telling their story of what happened today.  We also hope that the police officers and fire fighters are not too jealous of our awesome capes.  I mean they have cool stuff too but seriously, how AWESOME are our capes!!  

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day Card

Valentine's Day is very special for many people and it is really special for the Superheroes, it is a day where almost everyone is in a extra caring mood.  This is the day that the Superhero in all of us has a chance to shine.  The Superheroes did not have a mission in the public that day they simply celebrated in their secret hideout (St. Mary's School shhhh) in their own special way.  That is not what I am here to blog about though it is something that was given to the Superheroes that I want to speak of.

As I was sitting at my desk a familiar face approached I greeted her with a friendly smile and hello.  She said this is for you and handed me a card addressed to myself and the Superheroes.  First I was taken aback that someone would think of the Superheroes on Valentine's Day, we are used to giving out our own smiles and cards not getting them.  As I opened the card and read what she had wrote I was truly moved by what she had to say and the way that the Superheroes have changed the way she looks at things.  I will not go into great detail into what all she said because I want to keep that just for the Superheroes to enjoy but I will share some of the parts that I think will make you think about things and hope fully have an impact on you.

"You are all doing a fine job of spreading kindness you are getting the attention of people...  I am trying to follow your example more - I wave at people more when I see them on the street ...  you reminded me that the the little things are important."

Hopefully all that read this blog too are spreading more kindness than they used too.  Also you would be amazed at how much a simple wave and smile can change the way a person feels.  And of course we all know that it is the little things that you do that are important and you do not have to make big gestures to change the world a lot of little ones add up quick.  Trust me those 18 little Superheroes and their little gestures have made an impact on me and the people of Nevada in a way I never imagined and they have so much more in store.

So remember no matter how big nor how small a person is we can all spread kindness!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Superheroes meet the Mayor!!

So the Superheroes had a very busy day last Tuesday.  We were busy getting ready to take spreading kindness to a whole new level.  The Superheroes had a very important meeting with the City Council and the Mayor, at the City Council meeting the Mayor was going to make a proclamation proclaiming the week of February the 13th through February 17th, 2012 as Random Acts of Kindness week.  We had lots of things to get done before this though.

To prepare for this the Superheroes felt the need to give back to the Mayor and City Council for all they have done for the City of Nevada and the people that live here so, an early Valentine’s  Day gift was in order.  Since the Superheroes never do anything on a small scale we made some really big hearts for the Council.  With a big red heart and a shiny silver one on the inside we thought this would definitely say thanks for all you do.  Looking at it though it was just not enough we had to add our own special touch so we decided to personalize it by signing all of our names to it.  We got out our best permanent markers, ones we do not get to use very often because well they are not washable, and signed our names to all 5 hearts.  This was good practice for us writing our names and it looked good.  One of our leaders also thought it would be nice for the mayor and each one of the council members to receive one of our special framed thank-you notes for those people that really help us to fly.  You would think all of this would wear us out, but you would be wrong we had more to do.

We had some preparations for Random Acts of Kindness week to get done.  We went straight to work on decorating our signature hearts to hand out to some very lucky people next week.  We busted out the crayons and washable markers and got straight to work.  We each decorated one because that is all time would allow, do not forget not only are we Superheroes but we are hard working and studious pre-schoolers at St. Mary’s too. Not to worry though we will have plenty of hearts decorated for all of those we meet next week.  As we put our stuff away we were all ready for the City Council meeting and our time to shine.
Finally the time had come it was time for us to go before the council, meet the mayor and all the council members.  We were all looking good with our hair done up right and our capes were looking extra special.  To say we were excited would be an understatement as we waited in the hall the buzz of our enthusiasm even filtered into the council chambers.  When it was finally show time we walked in and took our spot in front of the council and Mayor Leonard came around and read us our proclamation.   Of course he had to kneel down to get on our level, it is not our fault we are short but what we lack in height we make up in spirit.
Like I said before the proclamation was for Random Acts of Kindness Week and this is what the Superheroes are all about!  It proclaimed that no matter how young or how small no one is too little to make a difference in our community and our world.  This is something the Superheroes take to heart.  We may be small in stature but big in spirit and never tire of spreading kindness.  Through these acts we can cultivate caring, kindness, and compassion within our community.  Our hope is through this proclamation and from the lead of the Superheroes we can get all the citizens of Nevada on board and start doing nice things for others.

So as the proclamation states next week we all need to get out and do some nice things for our community and we are going to do just that.  We have a couple things in store for the people of Nevada so be on the lookout for us around town in our capes.  If you see us feel free to wave and share a smile with us because we live to make people happy.  So make sure you are thinking of something nice you can do for someone and show the Superhero deep in you.  Remember you do not need a cape to be a Superhero of Kindness just a big heart and a kind spirit. But seriously how cool are our capes!!!